Understanding Google Marketing / How to Maximize your Presence – Sponsored by AVB Marketing

Discussion on how Google SEO works and how to optimize your website.
• Today, we live in Google’s world, understanding the algorithm and making adjustments to boost your website’s visibility on the largest search engine in the world is a must do. Ranking organically through optimized content is still a critical component to an effective online presence. This is an introduction to Search Engine Optimization – what is it, what is the value of it and 5 takeaways that you can take action on today.
What Digital Marketing Products are available from Google, how they work, and some best practices.
• If you’re new to advertising with Google or just wanting to brush up on the classic ad formats, we will take a deep dive in to building and refining a solid advertising foundation on the Google platform with 5 things you can do today to improve your search and display marketing efforts.
Google My Business Listing, Building a Foundation for Success.
• Learn why owning and actively updating your Google My Business listing is the most important foundational piece of owning your online brand. Walk away with 5 things you can do today to make your web presence better.

Defining Success: Connecting Ad Engagement to Website Conversions Through KPIs
• Learn the definition of success by ad type and how to connect the dots from ad engagement through to action on your website.

Patrick has been at Google since 2011, building partnerships with digital marketing and ad tech companies to deliver the best of Google’s marketing solutions and help businesses grow online.