Win the Brain to Win the Opportunity
Mon, Mar 9 @ 10AM-11:30AM, 1:30PM-3PM, + 3PM-4:30PM
“Session attendees will leave knowing how to simplify their selling approach to separate from their competitors and win more opportunities by focusing relentlessly on the areas of the brain that builds trust and makes fast decisions.

• How to combat the 3 deadly Cs to outmaneuver your competition
• How to build fast trust, attention and engagement
• Leverage decision science quickly connect to your prospect’s priorities
• Introduce ProSource proprietary Convincing Advantages™

Revenue Path Group (RPG) CEO Bryan Gray helps leaders steer their organizations through our current “age of accelerations”; where they can now stand out in crowded and commoditized environments, and no longer lose opportunities that should be theirs!

Having previously led two businesses to the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing companies, Bryan and his group will teach you how to better compete and grow faster in today’s highly competitive arena – where those who don’t change and adapt will find themselves less and less relevant.