Increasing Your Organization’s Project Management Maturity
Mon, Mar 9 @ 10AM-11:30AM, 1:30PM-3PM, + 3PM-4:30PM
This session deepens the participant’s understanding of the four major project management phases of systems integration projects. The session provides insight and clarity into the authority and responsibilities associated with the key roles within a project: Client(s), General Contractors, Consultants, End Users, Sales, Engineers, Project Manager, Team members (Technicians, Programmers and Subcontractors), Purchasing, Warehouse, and Service / Support. Includes a discussion on the opportunities and challenges of managing multiple simultaneous projects and on the different facets of an organization which must be in alignment in order to gain the full benefits of mature project management. 

Brad is a recognized authority on organizational excellence and project management with twenty-eight years of experience and knowledge, spanning 100s of projects and process improvements as both an executive and a consultant. An accomplished author and speaker, Brad is the architect and presenter of standard-setting management training programs for 1,000s of participants, including AVIXA, NSCA, PSNI, USAV Group, PSA Security and the Project Management Institute. He is Principal Instructor for Project Management Institute, Senior Instructor for AVIXA and NSCA, and holds the PMP designation.